Launch of a wordpress plugin

We, at, are happy to present to you our latest tool. In cooperation with MailChimp's Aaron Walter we have produced another addition to the MailChimp extensions lineup. The undisputed API-Provider Champion MailChimp has made it possible for us to build this WordPress plugin for you. There are many MailChimp WordPress plugins, but none is like this one. This plugin focuses on speedy content distribution. Easily send your blog posts as drafts to MailChimp or import your newsletter campaigns as blog posts or trackable landing pages in WordPress.

The new site is set up real simple and you should be able to find everything really easy. On the home page you can view short videos of the major features. We will add more videos as we add features. The getting started page on the other hand will hopefully cover all your needs to get started. You can find links to download WordPress, our plugin or signup for a MailChimp account, in case you are new to the system. You will also find two sections there: Training and Support. In case you require professional training or support for WordPress that goes beyond the scope of MailChimp and ChimpExpress, we can warmly recommend and These guys will help you out before you finish the question: How do I install WordPress?

As a special goodie we have also started a cooperation with Standingcloud. They offer Instant one-click deployment of WordPress with ChimpExpress pre-installed to the cloud of your choice. If you want to get started with your own WordPress powered blog that is setup for MailChimp in minutes, they are definitely the way to go.

For any type of ChimpExpress related support, you can sign up for our forum and post your questions, inquiries, bug reports, suggestions or praise if you would like.

Peter Ader

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 March 2015 13:56